Inspire Cosmetic Surgery Patient Testimonial Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation: 400cc Silicone Gel Implants (Gummy Bear Implants)


Speaker 1: Hi. 

Speaker 2: Hello. 

Speaker 1: Can you tell us again what you were referring to and what you were telling us about your experience here at Inspire?

Speaker 2: Absolutely. I had gone and met with a lot of well-named, high-name reputable doctors in the area, three in fact. When I came here to Inspire, the vibe, the mood, the staff, the facilities, everything was just so different. My experience with the others was that I wasn't being given the little bit of confidence. I needed to be coddled. I was nervous. I was apprehensive. I was anxious. I was scared, plain and simple. I felt like just another number, and just another procedure, not a person that had viable concerns. 

When I came here, you guys were awesome. You were so sweet, and just made everything so comfortable. The experience has been amazing. I laughed at myself for even having all of those concerns. If it wasn't for you guys giving me what I needed to really feel comfortable and confident, I wouldn't have done it because I didn't do it with anybody, but Inspire Cosmetics. So, I'm very happy. 

Speaker 3: What procedure did you have?

Speaker 2: I had a breast augmentation done. 

Speaker 3: What did you have specifically?

Speaker 2: My boobs before were a small A, I think, like a 32 or 34A. Now, I have gummy implants that are a 38C. So, 400 CC is what I chose. 

Speaker 3: All right. Thank you. 

Speaker 1: Thank you. 

Speaker 2: Pleasure.