Karla Alvarez

Meet Karla

Karla, a native of Brazil, has dedicated her entire working career to the world of aesthetics. In 2007, she completed her studies in skincare and electrolysis at Florida College of Natural Health. Since then, she has obtained certifications in both medical and holistic skincare treatments, making her a well-rounded and knowledgeable esthetician. With over 16 years of experience and a continuous pursuit of knowledge through various training programs, Karla is truly an expert in her field. She understands the importance of guiding her patients towards the most suitable procedures for their specific skin concerns, ensuring that they achieve optimal results. Karla genuinely believes in the power of skincare to boost confidence and improve overall well-being. Karla aims to provide a comprehensive approach that goes beyond surface-level treatments, she ensures that her patients receive a personalized and effective solution for their unique skin type. What sets Karla apart is not just her expertise, but also her genuine care for her patients. In addition to her professional skills, Karla's friendly demeanor and personable nature create a welcoming and relaxing environment for her patients. She always prioritizes their comfort and wellbeing, striving to make each experience in the treatment room as enjoyable as possible.

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