What is a Mommy makeover? Dr. Jack Explains it all !!

What is a Mommy makeover? Dr. Jack Explains it all !!


Speaker 1: Good morning. It's Dr. Megan Jack. I am here at Inspire Cosmetic Surgery and Med Spa in Del Ray Beach, Florida. I only have a second, because I'm hopping into surgery here. I just wanted to let you know what I'm up to this morning.

I'm very excited. We are doing a "Mommy Makeover" today. I love Mommy Makeovers because I am a mommy, so I can completely relate to what these girls are going through after having babies, and just not quite feeling like yourself and wanting to get your pre-baby body back. So that's what we're going to do today.

What is a Mommy Makeover? A Mommy Makeover is a combination of a few different cosmetic surgeries that helps a mommy to get, like I said, her pre-baby body back, and then some, sometimes. It really just depends on what exactly was bothering her. 

Oftentimes, we ladies will have breast-fed, or had larger breasts during our pregnancy, and then they become a little deflated and smaller, a little droopy, after having babies and breast-feeding. So it may involve a breast augmentation, if you want to get some volume back. It may involve a breast lift, where we remove some of the loose skin and tighten that breast back up, to lift everything back up onto the proper chest.

One thing that happens with pregnancy is we get a little bit of that belly pooch. A lot of times it's loose skin. Sometimes we have a little extra cushion in that area that we want to get rid of, especially in the flank area and lower tummy. So we may do a little bit of liposuction to remove any extra fat that's hanging around that we can't get rid of with our healthy diet and our exercise program. Then we remove the extra skin that is not needed. That's going to be a tummy tuck.

The other thing that happens with pregnancy is we get what's called a rectus diastasis, which is a widening of the six-pack muscles, or the rectus abdominal muscles, which are the ones that sit right in the middle, that we work our crunches on. In many cases, it will get a little better, that separation that we get with pregnancy, it'll come back a little bit, but not quite all the way back to the middle. 

When we get that widening of the muscle, that results in a little bit of a wider waistline, and a little bit of an outward protuberance of the tummy, as well, which we don't like. We like a flat, narrow tummy. Part of a tummy tuck is doing an internal corset suture, where we sew that muscle back together, which will, again, narrow the waistline and flatten the tummy. Then we can remove even more skin. That's oftentimes part of a Mommy Makeover.

There's occasionally some other things that people want to do, but those are the basic ones. Again, it can be a combination of breast augmentation, breast lifting, maybe a little liposuction, and the tummy tuck. They're really great procedures that help get mommy's back. Again, being a mommy, I know mommies, and it makes us feel good.

Most of the time, though, you want to wait until you're done having babies before you do something like that, because you don't want to do it, and then get pregnant again, and then you're back to square one. Make sure you're done having babies, and happy with where you're at in your family life, and then you get your Mommy Makeover.

Hope you have a great day. I've got to run into surgery. We'll see you later!