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Our Dedicated Staff

Vanessa Caraffa

Patient Care Coordinator

Vanessa Caraffa, our Patient Care Coordinator, is your initial point of contact at Inspire Aesthetics, dedicated to fostering a positive and welcoming experience for each and every patient. As a valued member of the team, Vanessa, a Florida Atlantic University graduate in Healthcare Administration, is committed to providing exceptional patient care and delivering unparalleled customer service alongside our top plastic surgeons in Florida.

Erika Villavicencio

Patient Care Coordinator

Erika graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration and a Minor in Health Information Systems. As Patient Care Coordinator at Inspire Aesthetics, Erika’s expertise and dedication assures that each and every patient receives the optimum care, comfort, and results. Her multidisciplinary team collaboration guarantees every patient a smooth journey through the entire treatment process and post operative care. Erika’s extraordinary communication skills and passion for the world of aesthetics is a critical care component at Inspire Aesthetics

Jeannette Lobbe

Surgical Nurse Manager

As a highly skilled and dedicated healthcare professional, Jeannette Lobbe brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the role of Clinical Registered Nurse Manager. Jeannette’s journey in healthcare began with a solid foundation as a paramedic, where quick thinking and decisive action in emergency situations became second nature. This invaluable experience laid the groundwork for a seamless transition into the dynamic world of nursing. With a passion for delivering high-quality care, Jeannette pursued and attained the prestigious RN designation in 2012. With a keen understanding of the intricacies of healthcare delivery and a commitment to continuous improvement, she remains at the forefront of advancements in nursing practices, high-quality patient care, and fluidity of the healthcare team. Jeannette’s comprehensive background, encompassing emergency response, critical care, and managerial responsibilities, positions her as an invaluable asset in the evolving landscape at Inspire Aesthetics.

Matthew Chambers

Content Creator

From capturing the magic in the operating room and med spa, to the teamwork that makes it all happen, “Media Matt” provides educating content and a behind-the-scenes look into the incredible work going on at Inspire Aesthetics. With every post and video, it’s his goal to demystify the world of aesthetic medicine, foster appreciation for the providers, and promote a positive image of this industry.


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