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Breast Implant Exchange
Fort Lauderdale & Delray Beach

The surgeons at Inspire Aesthetics offer a breast implant exchange in Fort Lauderdale and Delray Beach – a surgical intervention involving the removal and replacement of existing breast implants with new ones. This procedure is chosen for various reasons, such as changing implant size, shape, or material, addressing implant complications like rupture or capsular contracture, or even just upgrading to newer implants. It offers individuals the chance to revise their breast augmentation results and achieve their desired look, ensuring both aesthetic satisfaction and long-term breast health.

About Breast Implant Exchange Surgery

Breast implant exchange is a surgical procedure to replace or upgrade existing breast implants. Whether motivated by a desire for a different size, shape, or type of implant, or necessitated by the need for maintenance, or correction of complications, Inspire Aesthetics tailors personalized procedures to help individuals achieve their desired aesthetic results.

In almost all cases of implant exchange, we carefully adjust the pocket— the space holding the implant.

Over time, the pocket may no longer accommodate the implant, especially when opting for a different size. This adjustment typically involves the use of sutures within the body, and occasionally, mesh may be employed.

It’s worth noting that implant exchange is often coupled with a lift, although this is not always the case. Your unique needs and preferences will guide our approach to ensure the long-term health and appearance of your breasts

Breast Implant Exchange

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*Each patient is unique, and individual results may vary.
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Possible Reasons for Breast Implant Exchange:

  • Desire for a different implant size or shape
  • Upgrade to a newer implant style or material
  • Correction of implant-related complications, such as rupture or leakage
  • Addressing issues like capsular contracture (scar tissue tightening around the implant)
  • Change in personal aesthetic preferences
  • Achieving a more natural look or feel
  • Managing asymmetry or implant malposition
  • Enhancing breast appearance post-pregnancy or weight changes
  • Reducing the risk of long-term implant-related issues
  • Resolving issues related to previous breast augmentation surgery

Your Breast Implant Exchange Consultation

During your consultation for a breast implant exchange in Delray Beach or Fort Lauderdale, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your goals and concerns with a board-certified plastic surgeon. The surgeon will listen attentively to your reasons for seeking a breast implant exchange. You should be prepared to share your desired outcomes, whether it’s a change in size or shape or addressing any issues you’ve experienced with your current implants. Your surgeon will inquire about your overall health, prior surgeries, and lifestyle, including smoking habits.

The surgeon will also examine your breasts to assess their current condition, the position of the implants, and any signs of complications like capsule contracture or implant malposition. Next, your surgeon will explain the procedure, including the surgical techniques, potential risks, and the expected recovery process. They will provide recommendations tailored to your unique circumstances, helping you decide whether breast implant exchange is the right choice for you. Finally, the surgeon will curate a personalized surgical plan.

Best Candidates

The best candidates for breast implant exchange are typically individuals who have undergone previous breast augmentation and wish to make specific changes or address complications. They should be in good overall health, have realistic expectations, and understand that breast implant exchange is a surgical procedure with associated risks. Candidates should also be non-smokers or willing to quit before the surgery. Our board-certified surgeons can determine if you’re a good candidate and customize a personalized treatment plan during your consultation.

Your Breast Implant Exchange Recovery Process

Immediately following the procedure, you may experience discomfort, swelling, and bruising in the chest area. Your surgeon will provide guidelines on pain management, and you’ll be advised to wear a supportive bra to aid in healing. Rest and gentle movement are essential during the initial days, but you should avoid strenuous activities for six to eight weeks. Over the next weeks, your body will gradually adapt to the new implants. Your surgeon will schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your progress.

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Inspire Aesthetics is here to help you take the first step toward achieving your desired breast appearance. If you’re considering a breast implant exchange, schedule your consultation today. Our board-certified plastic surgeons will listen to your goals, assess your unique needs, and provide expert guidance on the best approach for your breast enhancement. Please schedule an appointment for a breast implant exchange in Delray Beach and Fort Lauderdale, FL.


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