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Out of Town Patients

Welcome to Inspire Aesthetics, a premier plastic surgery practice dedicated to helping patients across the country and worldwide access cutting-edge plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments. Our dedicated team is committed to making your journey to enhanced beauty seamless and comfortable. From initial virtual consultations to personalized post-treatment care, we ensure every aspect of your experience is meticulously planned and aligned with your comfort and convenience, no matter where you’re traveling from.

Your Initial Online Consultation

At Inspire Aesthetics, we’ve streamlined the journey to your aesthetic goals with our Virtual Consult Process. It all begins with a comprehensive online consultation. Our dedicated Patient Care Coordinators connect with you over the phone to delve into your aesthetic aspirations and concerns. This initial step is integral to understanding your unique needs, allowing us to tailor a personalized treatment plan that aligns seamlessly with your expectations—all from the comfort of your home.

*Actual Inspire Patient

The Virtual Consultation Process

Here’s how our Virtual Consult Process unfolds:

  1. Patient Care Coordinators connect with you via phone to discuss goals, concerns, etc.
  2. You are then scheduled for a virtual consultation with our experienced surgeons.
  3. Prior to your virtual consultation, you can conveniently send pertinent information such as medical history and photos through our secure online patient portal, TouchMD, allowing our surgeons to review and prepare for your consultation.

While most surgeries typically require an in-person visit for a thorough evaluation and treatment plan curation, we understand the unique needs of out-of-town patients. For your convenience, we offer virtual consultations to introduce you to our surgeons, discuss your treatment plan, recovery process, and more. After your virtual consultation, you’ll be well-informed and empowered to make decisions about visiting our offices in Delray Beach and Fort Lauderdale, FL, for an in-depth evaluation.

Accommodations for Extended Recovery

We understand the value of a comfortable and stress-free recovery and curate a selection of premier accommodations. Our partnerships with local hotels ensure you have access to the best options tailored to your recovery needs. These establishments are chosen for their exceptional service, serene environments, and proximity to our facilities, providing an ideal setting for your post-procedure recovery.

Whether you require minimal assistance or more comprehensive support, our Patient Care Coordinators can connect you with trusted nursing services, offering post-operative care tailored to individual needs.

Schedule Your Consultation

Inspire Aesthetics invites you to begin your aesthetic journey with a virtual consultation. Our board-certified plastic surgeons are dedicated to understanding and realizing your unique goals. The consultation allows you to discuss your goals, explore options, and receive expert advice, all tailored to your individual needs. Schedule your consultation today to take the first step towards a personalized aesthetic experience. We ensure remarkable results inspired by you.


Schedule Your Consultation

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