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Neck Lift
Fort Lauderdale & Delray Beach

If you are unhappy with the appearance of aging skin on your neck, we offer cosmetic surgery to rejuvenate the skin at the neckline. You may see a “turkey wattle,” loose skin, banding and creasing at the neck, or jowls that you want to address with long-lasting results. We see an opportunity to increase your self-esteem and enhance your beauty. Make an appointment at our office to explore your options for a neck lift in Fort Lauderdale or Delray Beach, FL.

Neck Lift Surgery
at Inspire Aesthetics

The turkey wattle and double chin are common signs of aging in the neck area. As we age, the skin’s elasticity decreases, leading to sagging and wrinkling. The turkey wattle is characterized by loose, hanging skin and muscle bands that resemble a turkey’s neck, while a double chin results from excess fat accumulation beneath the chin. These cosmetic concerns can impact your self-esteem and overall appearance. Fortunately, a neck lift procedure can effectively address these issues, restoring a more youthful and defined neck contour.

Neck Lift

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About Neck Lift Surgery

A neck lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure to address the signs of aging and improve the appearance of the neck area. During a neck lift, excess skin and fat are removed, and underlying muscles may be tightened to create a more youthful and sculpted neck contour. This procedure can effectively reduce the appearance of a turkey wattle, double chin, and sagging skin, helping you achieve a more rejuvenated and attractive neck profile.

Our plastic surgeons at Inspire Aesthetics will meet with you in a confidential consultation room to ask questions, discuss your aesthetic goals, and curate a personalized treatment plan for a neck lift in Delray Beach or Fort Lauderdale. We can provide neck skin tightening surgery or neck lift to remove excess skin and tighten the rest. If you have extra fatty deposits in this area, we can combine this procedure with a liposuction if needed.

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Neck Lift Treats:

  • Turkey wattle
  • Loose or sagging neck skin
  • Neck muscle banding
  • Double chin
  • Wrinkles and creases in the neck area
  • Jowls and jawline sagging
  • Lack of neck definition

Best Candidates

We have had patients as young as 20 years old come in for a consultation for a neck lift. Younger patients may seek a plastic surgeon to remove excessive neck skin after a substantial weight loss that leaves the skin loose and hanging. Older patients, usually between 60 and 70, want to rid their necks of the visible signs of aging.

You are an ideal candidate if you are in good physical health and have excess skin at the chin, jowls, and/or an unattractive jawline because of the skin and deep wrinkles. For weight loss patients, you must maintain a steady weight for 6 to 12 months. We invite you for a consultation with our plastic surgeons if you want to change the shape and profile of your hanging neck skin to achieve a slimmer facial profile.

Your Neck Lift Consultation

You may come into the consultation with a neck lift in mind, but our plastic surgeons may make other suggestions to solve your facial issues. Keep an open mind about what our plastic surgeons can do for your facial features. For example, you may not have enough contour to your neck because of a “weak chin,” and this area may be enhanced with a chin augmentation or chin implant. Another example is that you may only need liposuction to slim your neck profile.

There are many ways to solve the problem of an unattractive neck area, and meeting with a trusted plastic surgeon is a great first step in achieving your goals. If you want to learn more about the risks and benefits, contact us to find out about a neck lift in Fort Lauderdale or Delray Beach, FL, and talk to our front office staff. We will answer your questions, explain the procedure, and provide top-notch medical care and an amazing look.

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Why Our Patients Love Us

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What To Expect During Neck Lift Surgery

Your neck lift is performed under general anesthesia. The plastic surgeon will make an incision under the chin and, in some cases, behind or in front of the ears. Your incisions will be well hidden within the hairline behind the ear or under the chin. Our surgeons take every precaution to minimize scarring. If fat reduction is needed, neck liposuction will be the first step.

Our surgeon will use an ultrasound or laser to liquefy the fat, following which a cannula (tube) is inserted to suction out the fatty tissue. The neck muscles will be pulled tightly into a higher position, and the skin will be pulled and redraped. Finally, the surgeon will use sutures to close up the incisions, and drains may be inserted to avoid fluid buildup in the incisions. Depending on the extent of your procedure, you may be in the operating room for about 2 hours.

Your Neck Lift Recovery Process

In the recovery area, our postoperative nurses will monitor you for about 45 to 60 minutes. After discharge, you must wear bandages and a compression wrap on your neck and chin to assist in the healing. You can expect slight bruising and swelling in the area for 2 to 4 days, and some patients report feeling a continual tightness in the neck area. If the pain is not manageable with over-the-counter medicine, you may ask for a prescription strength painkiller.

The sutures and drains will need to be removed at a follow-up appointment in 3 to 7 days after the surgery. Many of our patients can return to work in 7 to 10 days; however, strenuous workouts should be avoided for at least four to six weeks. The results of the procedure will gradually become evident as the side effects diminish. Most patients notice considerable improvements after about three weeks, with continued improvements for six months.

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Inspire Aesthetics, led by board-certified plastic surgeons, is your premier destination for a wide spectrum of aesthetic procedures. Our practice is founded upon the expertise of the nation’s leading plastic surgeons and providers, ensuring uncompromised safety and expert care. At Inspire Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on creating a welcoming, judgment-free environment for everyone to discuss their aesthetic goals. Schedule your consultation for a neck lift in Delray Beach or Fort Lauderdale today, and let us offer remarkable results.


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