Bilateral Buccal Fat Pad Reduction to remove the fat in the lower part of the cheek.

Buccal fat pad removal is used to remove the fat in the lower part of the cheeks to give a more sculpted look. The surgery is performed under local anesthetic in the procedure room and takes about 1 hour. The contour of the lower face is improved by removing the fat in the cheek that is not possible to lose through normal diet and exercise. This surgery gives the appearance of higher cheek bones and a more chiseled face.


Speaker 1: Anatomic landmarks. This is the stensins duct or parotid duct that drains saliva. I put little dots here to mark where my incision's going to be, adjacent to the second molar along the bite line. And I'm going to go ahead and start the incision. So that incision's going to be right in this spot and the incision is just going to be through the muco, so we don't get too deep. Just like that, actually. 

And then, let me have a hemostat. Mosquito. We're going to take a fine instrument and just spread here until we locate the buccal fat. A little fibrous set to your connections, that hold on to that fat. 

There it is, right there. And let me have the long forceps. We're just going to tease that fat out, without tearing it. So I'm just very gentle on there. Very gentle. We're just going to work that fat pad forward, just like that. It is super fragile. We'll go to the other side. Hey Kelly?

Kelly: Yeah?

Speaker 1: Can I have the 4-0? Actually I think I have some chromic, don't I?

Kelly: Yeah.

Speaker 1: On the red-

Kelly: Yeah.

Speaker 1: The red can. That looks like what's coming easily. That's a good buccal fat pad right there. And we're going to come across the face of that, sliding that fat pad across the clamp, making sure things stay nice and dry. And we'll explore that. 

So that's one fat pad, right there. Her cheeks are relatively symmetrical. Cheeks are relatively symmetrical. I will get everything ready. All right. So, that's looking good. It's looking dry. And we're going to close up that little wound.