Inspire Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Testimonial

Inspire Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Testimonial


You've had your third Femtouch treatment and I was curious to have you tell us what brought you to look into Femtouch in the beginning? And what had you seek out treatment? What were your problems and symptoms?

It just started with a burning. It's just this constant burning sensation and vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. Practically nonexistent because it was too painful. And just not realizing how much you could do about it. I had tried some creams given to me by my OB/GYN which I could use about every six months and didn't find those to be very effective. And so I'd done that a few times and then I actually was talking to my sister and was telling her about it and she mentioned this.

So looking into it, I decided to come and give it a try. And being my third treatment, this treatment and all of them were painless. There was very little discomfort. Maybe a little bit of stinging just at the very end but not even enough to, nothing like that experience just normally.

It seems to be working and it to me is quality of life issue. I was just getting really defeated, feeling like that was kind of what I was going to have to deal with the rest of my life. Knowing I could do something about it has made a big difference.

What did your GYN tell you when you were describing the symptoms?

He basically just said it was vaginal atrophy and as you get older your tissues dry and your estrogen is depleted and it's just kind of something that you deal with. Using creams, I'd looked into using some of the other, there's a ring that you can use but I didn't really want the side effect of the hormone so he didn't really offer a whole lot of anything. Use lubrication but the lubrication burned as well. There's very little out there about this at least until I started to research it that I found it that there was something you could do.

He actually is curious to see how this turns out. There aren't any practitioners in my area that do it. You had to go to New York in my understanding.

Now that you've had two treatments, what are your symptoms like at this point?

I'm not feeling any of the burning. It feels to me like I'm much more comfortable. I was actually even having, I'd cycle. Riding my bike was painful, and that's just, it's gone away. I just feel like I did before. Just relief.

Right, thank you.

You're welcome.