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If you are considering breast implants to increase the size of your small breasts, we offer augmentations with implants or fat transfer surgeries.

The breast skin matures over time but a breast lift can improve the projection of your breast by tightening loose skin and eliminating sagging.

When it comes to the size of your breasts, sometimes less is more. We offer breast reduction surgery for patients with excessively large breasts.

If you would like to remove or revise your current breast implants, we offer breast revision surgery for medical and cosmetic reasons at our practice.

We have compassionate plastic surgeons at Inspire Cosmetic Surgery & Med Spa who can reconstruct breasts after a mastectomy or a deformity from birth.

A breast implant removal procedure may be desired for a number of reasons to reverse the results of a previous breast augmentation procedure.

Treatment for excessive breast tissue on a male patient's chest is called gynecomastia surgery (male breast reduction) for a firmer, toned chest wall.

Breast Implant Exchange

Trim and tone your arm skin with an arm lift, or brachioplasty, to slim and tighten the loose skin of your upper arms (also known as the "bat wing").

We can create a well-developed shape to your buttocks with a Brazilian butt lift by using your own transferred body fat to fill out your backside.

You can add volume to your flat features or plump aging skin with a fat transfer, a procedure that transfers fat from one area of the body to another.

Fitness surgery is a suite of surgeries tailored to help patients reach their fitness goals that may not be achievable with diet and training alone.

We have state-of-the-art technology to remove fat via liposuction at our office in Delray Beach, FL so you can slim and recontour a concerning area.

If you need a significant amount of skin and fat removed from the abdomen, hips, buttocks, and thighs, we can provide you with a lower body lift.

A mommy makeover targets areas affected by pregnancy and child birth, such as loss of skin elasticity and the firmness of the breasts and stomach.

A scar revision involves a combination of surgical procedures designed to decrease the visibility of your scar tissue and rejuvenate the area.

Stubborn fat deposits and redundant skin can be surgically removed on the inner and outer thighs with a thigh lift at our cosmetic surgery facility.

We offer safe cosmetic procedures to flatten your abdomen surgically with an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). Our patients love their tummy tuck results!

We offer advanced, minimally invasive brow lift techniques to help you achieve your aesthetic goals, boost your self-esteem, and look more youthful.

Buccal Fat Removal defines your natural cheekbones and ehances your natural beauty.

Add a renewed contour to your facial appearance with a cheek augmentation surgery, which gives gorgeous volume to the cheeks with synthetic implants.

Redefine the contours of your chin and jawline, improve your overall facial appearance, symmetry profile, and more with a chin augmentation surgery.

Sometimes our earlobes can become damaged due to injury or trauma.This procedure will help to restore, correct and enhance your earlobe.

We can cosmetically address small or large ears, deformity of the ear shape, and elongated earlobes with a surgical otoplasty (ear surgery).

The ultimate goal of eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is to correct sagging upper eyelids and puffy bags below the eyes for a rejuvenated look.

With a facelift, our plastic surgeons can remove excess fat, tighten your skin and muscles, and re-drape your skin for a more youthful appearance.

If you are a man who identifies as a woman, soften the lines and curves of your facial features and profile with our facial feminization surgery.

Lip enhancement is a nonsurgical treatment using dermal fillers, such as Juvéderm and Restylane to add volume and fullness to the upper and lower lip.

Facial masculinization surgery is a group of plastic surgeries designed to change a female's face to look more masculine for their transition to male.

We can lift and tighten excess skin and smooth wrinkles from your neck with a neck lift. This can be combined with neck liposuction for best results.

Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) can correct birth defects or breathing problems, and improve appearance and self-esteem for older teenagers and adults.

We offer adult men and women BOTOX injections to reduce the appearance of their facial fine lines and wrinkles to reduce the signs of aging.

Juvéderm is an injectable, hyaluronic acid dermal filler that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines for a smoother, younger appearance.

Dysport is a wrinkle relaxer similar to BOTOX that is used to treat lines and wrinkles in the upper face, such s the forehead and Crow's feet.

Restylane is an injectable filler, composed of hyaluronic acid, typically used to smooth wrinkles and creases for facial rejuvenation treatments.

Jeuveau is an injectable wrinkle relaxer that works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles between the brows and around the face.

Xeomin helps soften and diminish fine lines and wrinkles in the forehead and near the eyes and is used as both a preventive and anti-aging treatment.

If you have a double-chin appearance and don't want to have surgery, request a Kybella consultation for our new injectable fat reduction treatment.

In a discreet treatment room, we can offer our female patients laser vaginal rejuvenation treatments to tighten the area for vaginal wellness.

Labiaplasty surgically reduces the size of the labia and reshapes the vaginal lips to rejuvenate the overall appearance and eliminate any discomfort.

To rejuvenate the appearance and health of your vagina, a vaginoplasty tightens the inner vaginal wall and reshapes the inner and outer labia.

We provide light, medium, and deep medical-grade chemical peels to exfoliate your skin to reveal a new skin layer on your face, neck, chest, or hands.


You can reverse sun-damaged skin with intense pulsed light photo rejuvenation, as it deeply penetrates the dermis to reveal a new layer of skin.

Laser hair removal treatment at our office in Delray Beach, FL can drastically reduce your unwanted hair on your face and body with lasting results.

Laser skin resurfacing at Inspire Cosmetic will not make your skin look younger, but will positively change the tone and texture of your facial skin.

Average Cost
$3,500 - $8,000

Renuvion with J-Plasma technology can address a number of skin imperfections, as well as correct skin laxity to help you achieve a tighter contour.

Naturally boost collagen production and improve your skin's texture with microneedling with the SkinPen® at Inspire Cosmetic Surgery & Med Spa.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a nonsurgical facial rejuvenation technique that stimulates the growth of collagen and regenerates skin tissue.

We can safely remove your unattractive spider and varicose veins on your legs and thighs with sclerotherapy treatments as they are needed.

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