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About Facial Feminization

At Inspire Aesthetics, we want you to feel good about yourself inside and out. Our plastic surgeons offer facial feminization surgery for patients who wish to make their facial features softer and feminine. With many years of cosmetic facial surgery experience, our plastic surgeons can implement one cosmetic surgery or a combination of surgeries to alter the many aspects of your face. There are specific differences in facial features between men and women, such as hairline, the height and shape of the forehead, the arch of the brow, the fullness of the cheeks, the appearance of an Adam's apple, and more. During a private consultation, you will discuss with one of our plastic surgeons how you would like to look, what procedures are possible with your facial structure, how you would like to accomplish these goals, and much more. At our offices in Fort Lauderdale and Delray Beach, FL, we have an accredited AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities) operating room where we can provide your surgeries one at a time or in combination.


With the goal of changing the face from masculine to feminine, your facial feminization surgery will be planned by our plastic surgeon based on your health, the types of surgeries required, and if the surgeries can be done at the same time. We also offer noninvasive facial treatments with cosmetic injectable to augment and enhance the cheeks, lips, and more.

Adam's Apple Reduction

In a delicate procedure known as a tracheal shave, our plastic surgeon can reduce the appearance of the Adam's Apple by surgically removing thyroid cartilage at the throat.

Brow Lift

Our brow lift procedure also can change the shape of your face. Browplasty can raise or reshape the eyebrows for well-defined arches. 

Cheek Augmentation

To make the face softer, we can enhance the shape and contour of your mid-face with a synthetic cheek implant or with a fat transfer. We can also reduce the size of wide cheeks or soften a hardline facial profile.

Chin Recontouring

To round out the shape of the chin, our plastic surgeons can perform a chin recontouring procedure (genioplasty or mentoplasty), which reduces the height and width of the chin.

Forehead Reduction

To create a more feminine hairline, our forehead hairline correction or scalp advancement procedures can improve the look of a sloped masculine forehead.

Jaw Contour

To soften the angles of your jaw, we can surgically remove some of the jawbone to make your facial profile narrower, shorter, and rounder.

Lip Lift

For long-lasting results in the upper and lower lips' size, proportion, and projection, our plastic surgeons can perform a lip lift and/or augmentation surgery. The least invasive route to take to change the fullness and projection of the upper and lower lips is to have routine injections of a facial filler.


Depending on the patient's overall facial balance and aesthetic goals, a rhinoplasty may be needed to make the nose more feminine (in length, width, and projection) especially if other features are changed in the process.


After the procedures are selected for your customized treatment plan, you can expect your plastic surgeon and his team to set up a surgery schedule for you. The surgery may be performed in our office or at a local hospital. A general anesthesia is typically used for facial feminization surgeries. You may be asked to stay overnight for observation if you have a combination of surgeries at one time. Our team of post-operation nurses will monitor your progress during recovery and help manage your discomfort. You will be given aftercare instructions before your discharge on how to care for your incisions to prevent unnecessary scarring and infection.

Other Considerations

It is very important to follow all the instruction given to you on how to care for your incisions once you are at home recovering. Most of the facial feminization surgeries require incisions. Taking great care of the treatment area will help ensure that the surgical wounds heal quickly and flat. We also recommend keeping all your follow-up appointments so we can monitor your healing progress.

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Smaller, Softer Features

During your initial consultation for facial feminization surgery, one of our trusted, experienced surgeons at Inspire Aesthetics will listen to your transformation needs, concerns, and aesthetic goals. We will also be assessing the angles and proportions of your face to decide which procedures will work best. If you would like to learn more about our surgical and nonsurgical treatments to make your face look more feminine, please call and schedule a consultation appointment at our office in Fort Lauderdale or Delray Beach, FL. We look forward to meeting you.

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