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About FMS

If you are a female transitioning into a male, we would like to offer you a consultation for our facial masculinization surgery at Inspire Aesthetics in Fort Lauderdale or Delray Beach, FL. When you look in the mirror there are details of your face that are more gender-specific, such as the angles of your jaw and chin, the absence of an Adam's apple, your short brow, and your softer, rounder features. Our plastic surgeons can surgically enhance your face to look more masculine in your transition.

While the male skull is much larger than a female skull (this cannot be changed), we can still enhance your facial attributes to appear as a male face would: more angular with wider, larger features. Many of our female-to-male patients in transition will also take part in hormone therapy to increase testosterone production, which leads to thicker facial hair growth and other masculine facial features. Our goal at Inspire is to help each patient understand the FMS procedures that will give them maximum impact and their best results. FMS can greatly improve your self-esteem and confidence, as well as your appearance during and after the transition.

Suite of Procedures

Adam's Apple Enhancement

To create a more masculine facial profile, our plastic surgeon can enhance the appearance of an Adam's apple at the base of the throat for a female transitioning to male. Known as a thyroid cartilage enhancement, this procedure augments the area with a synthetic implant or a cartilage transplant.


By changing the width and projection of the nose with rhinoplasty, a female can have a more masculine nose. It is also important to design the nose to keep the balance and proportions of the rest of the face in check.

Cheek and Chin Augmentation

Cheek augmentation in the female-to-male transition should make the cheeks more angled and less round. Our plastic surgeon will place cheek implants that are sized and shaped to give the patient a more masculine mid-face shape. The chin can be made to appear longer and square (instead of round or oval). This enhancement can be produced with a synthetic implant or a contouring surgery (genioplasty or mentoplasty) to make the chin more masculine

Forehead Lengthening

A female's forehead can be lengthened and augmented to look more like some males: tall with a brow ridge. Our plastic surgeon can create a new hairline further back on the scalp, use an implant to visualize the brow ridge, and implement a surgical brow lift to lengthen the forehead.

Jaw Contouring

To widen and sharpen the angles of the female jaw, we offer jaw contouring surgery. Our plastic surgeon may use an implant to recontour the jaw or reshape the jawbone with surgical techniques.


We can perform facial masculinization surgery under general anesthesia in our AAAASF-accredited surgical facility as an inpatient or outpatient surgery, depending on the procedure or procedures selected. For your health and safety, your plastic surgeon may recommend staging the surgeries in a series of operations instead of performing them all at once. Your cosmetic surgeries will require incision, and our talented surgeon will make these incision as inconspicuous as possible. During your treatment planning sessions, we will discuss with you in detail how your procedures will be performed, how long you will be in recovery, how to care for surgical incisions, and much more to ensure a smoother recovery.

Other Considerations

Your aesthetics team may also recommend nonsurgical treatments to further enhance your face. We can offer injections of BOTOX® to lower and flatten the brow to make the eyebrows appear more masculine. Also, injectable dermal fillers, like Juvéderm® or Restylane®, can be implemented before surgery to show the patient how facial implants will look before they commit to a longer-lasting augmentation surgery. 

Keep in mind that the facial skin will continue to age, and some of the cosmetic procedures performed on your face will mature as well.

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If you would like to learn more about our facial masculinization surgery at Inspire Aesthetics, we would be happy to schedule you for an appointment. You will consult with one of our experienced plastic surgeons in a private room. This is your time to ask questions, raise concerns about the risks of surgeries, and express your aesthetic goals with our surgeon. Call and schedule your appointment today at our Fort Lauderdale or Delray Beach, FL office.

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