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About Vaginal Rejuvenation

No matter what stage of life you are in, if you are a woman experiencing urinary incontinence, vaginal moisture, and lubrication issues, and/or atrophy in the vaginal area, we would like to extend our laser service at Inspire Aesthetics. At our practices in Fort Lauderdale and Delray Beach, FL, we host laser vaginal rejuvenation for fast, rejuvenating treatments with the Lumenis FemTouch™ Laser.

After childbirth or menopause, women may seek a trusted plastic surgeon to find treatments for skin laxity in the vaginal area, mild to moderate stress urinary incontinence, replenishment of vaginal moisture and lubrication, dryness, and itchiness associated with menopause. Laser vaginal rejuvenation can also increase the enjoyment of sexual intimacy. How? After your FemTouch vaginal laser treatment, the procedure will stimulate collagen production inside and out of the vaginal area. During a private consultation at Inspire, we can answer your specific questions on how this laser treatment can work for you. Refresh your feminine health from several of the symptoms or only one. Either way, we are here to get you the relief you desire.

Best Candidates

We see women of all ages at our plastic surgery office, and it is not limited to women who have given birth or are of menopause age. Women requesting laser vaginal rejuvenation experience:

  • Mild to moderate urinary incontinence (leaky bladder)
  • Decrease vaginal moisture and lubrication
  • Itching and dryness associated with menopause
  • Less enjoyment with sexual intimacy
  • Loose skin in the vaginal area (vulvovaginal atrophy)

Lumenis Technology

Lumenis FemTouch is an innovative system that utilizes state-of-the-art laser technology to safely and effectively improve vaginal health. The FemTouch laser was specifically designed to fit the unique curves of a woman’s body to address a variety of conditions. Once inserted, the Lumenis wand-shaped device emits CO2 energy along the vaginal wall via a circular or rotating motion. With a 360-degree pattern, the FemTouch is able to treat the vaginal area entirely. The FemTouch laser helps stimulate tissue growth and collagen production for a tighter contour. Ultimately, it remodels and rejuvenates the vaginal mucosa. The results lead to a noticeable improvement in moisture, urinary incontinence, and sexual pleasure. The FemTouch treatment is gentle and noninvasive.

What to Expect

During your laser treatment, you will be in a private, comfortable room for the session. A technician will insert the FemTouch (which is shaped like a wand or a rod) into the vagina. This CO2 laser technology will emit a pulsating light energy to stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin. You may need to have several sessions for best results. During your consultation, your plastic surgeon should discuss with you how many sessions it will take to get the best results. There is no pain or downtime associated with the use of this laser (and no anesthesia is needed). You should be able to resume your day as normal after the appointment.

Other Considerations

This is not a surgical procedure and will not require stitches or sutures for the recovery period. If a patient is interested in a surgical vaginal rejuvenation surgery, such as labiaplasty, this can be discussed during the initial consultation. Laser vaginal rejuvenation treatment tightens the soft tissues of the vaginal area, but it will not reconstruct or eliminate all of the loose skin. The excessively loose vaginal skin may require a more invasive procedure and can be discussed with our plastic surgeons.

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A Better Version of You

We look forward to meeting you and discussing how our vaginal laser treatments can help with your feminine health and vaginal rejuvenation. Call and schedule your private, one-on-one consultation in our AAAASF- accredited surgical facilities in Fort Lauderdale or Delray Beach, FL.

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