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The Triangle of Youth

By May 29, 2020February 7th, 2024No Comments

What do some of the most beautiful and youthful celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, and Angelina Jolie have in common? Cheeks! Beautiful, full, and well-proportioned cheeks. As an experienced injector, I find that this may be the most impactful area to treat. Unfortunately, this is probably one of the least requested areas because patients are often unaware about the benefits of treating the loss of volume in the cheeks or they may have seen patients who were poorly injected. When strategically and properly injected, cheeks can aid in balancing the face, adding symmetry, lifting the jowls, and improving nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

A youthful face has 3 unique features: high cheekbones, full cheek volume, and a well-defined jawline. These three attributes are often referred to in the aesthetics world as the “triangle of youth” with the base of the triangle being at the cheeks and the point at the chin, as demonstrated in the images above and below. As we age, this youthful triangle often becomes inverted. The face becomes more oblong, cheeks flatten and jowls appear due to decreased facial fat and normal degenerative changes. During consults with patients who complain of jowling, deepened nasolabial folds, or marionette lines, I like to take my time and educate them about the cause of those concerns and the benefits of treating the cheeks. I love to use the analogy that the cheeks are the disease and those issues are the symptoms of that disease. Furthermore, not only will treating the cheeks help improve their concerns, it will help prevent them from getting worse.

Advances in facial aesthetics allow us to restore the triangle of youth with a natural look. Below you can see one of our beautiful Inspire Aesthetics patients that I treated using Juvederm Voluma to the cheeks and jawline. This patient also received a small amount of dermal filler in the tear troughs and lips. As you can see with this patient, there’s no need to look overdone or different, but just refreshed. An artistic eye and skillful hand can augment facial structure, improve volume and turn back the clock without looking overfilled. Furthermore, several options of dermal fillers are available to choose from today in the US market. Fillers are chosen based on the amount of volume needed, the area being treated, longevity, and price.

If you have questions regarding fillers, anti-aging treatments, or how you can look more refreshed, please schedule a consultation with me at our beautiful new office in Fort Lauderdale!


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